How do you win customers back after you’ve violated their trust with a massive security breach? Target seems to think free shipping on everything will do it. Last Christmas, hackers invaded the company’s security and snagged personal information from approximately 70 million customers. When you violate the trust of so many people during your peak [...]

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single marketing channel that allowed you to reach all of your customers and prospects? Think about how it would affect your marketing efforts. You could invest your time in optimizing every aspect of the channel instead of searching for new ways to connect with the people most likely [...]

Google is striving to give a better search experience by adding a feature that highlights detailed articles for people who need more than an overview. The new functionality is rolling out over the next few days. It appears in search results like this: The official blog post mentions that approximately “10% of people’s daily information [...]

This post is an excerpt from 31 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing. Executives often ask me how they can eliminate cart abandonment. They receive reports that show thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars left sitting in online carts. The reports mislead them into thinking that if they stopped people from abandoning carts they [...]

Promotional marketing is strictly taboo according to conventional social media wisdom. Maybe the marketing team at Woot! missed that memo because almost all of their tweets are promotional. More likely, they decided that their best marketing strategy is the one that works best for their customers and company.

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