The path to a successful business is never straight. There are forks in the road along the way that are often identified as challenges or problems. Every successful company has a unique path that was followed from conception to reality. Another company in the same industry trying to follow that exact path would most likely [...]

Email marketing is the best kept secret in small business. Even though it is one of the most effective and affordable ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects, there is hesitancy about using emails to their fullest potential. When asking clients why they don’t start or ramp up email marketing campaigns, the answers [...]

Google is quietly testing a change to Gmail’s Promotion tab. The field test announced this week gives users the option to view incoming messages in a list or image format. The image format view has a Pinterest feel and gives marketers the ability to snag attention with great graphics. The example shared by Product Manager [...]

Customer retention is essential to companies offering renewal products. Most people don’t think about their insurance or banking until they have an issue that needs resolving or they receive a renewal notice. This makes it easy for the competition to steal your customers. Your competitors promise lower prices and better services. Both promises are extremely [...]

Retailers have two objectives this holiday season – getting sales and improving relationships. The objectives haven’t changed from past years but the environment is very different. Governmental issues and calendar conflicts are creating new challenges. The 2013 shutdown and possible default are carrying over into the New Year. Implementation of mandatory healthcare has been a [...]

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