How do you win customers back after you’ve violated their trust with a massive security breach? Target seems to think free shipping on everything will do it. Last Christmas, hackers invaded the company’s security and snagged personal information from approximately 70 million customers. When you violate the trust of so many people during your peak [...]

Contrary to popular belief, successfully growing a business requires more than social media updates and delegation. Magical thinking is replacing proven growth strategies as the path to success. Every established company began with an idea and people willing to do whatever it took to turn that idea into reality. No task was too small or [...]

Secret Service Special Agents assigned to a protective mission are prepared to lay their life down to fulfill their responsibility. It is part of their job. The job description may not specify, “Take a bullet for the President” but it is a directive. The men and women who serve know what needs to be done [...]

The actions your company takes to resolve issues are much more important than the words you say. Ideally, solving a customer’s problem is a three-step activity. First, you tell them what you’re going to do. Second, you do it. Third, you follow up to ensure they are satisfied. It’s really that simple if processes and [...]

Social media participation is a necessary part of an integrated marketing mix. Customers and prospects look for reviews and online activity before making purchase decisions. Joining the right networks can expand marketing reach and introduce your brand to new people. Social network site loyalty often follows when an active social hub generates leads and revenue. [...]

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