Multichannel Marketing

The day after Thanksgiving has been considered the biggest shopping day of the year for decades. It was the day that kicked off Christmas shopping. When retailers realized that they could draw large crowds with deep discounts on loss leaders, they turned an active shopping day into an event dubbed Black Friday. Cyber Monday was [...]

Improving customer retention is the fastest way to more sales and profits. In addition to having a higher lifetime value, loyal customers advocate for your brand. I used to wonder why customer retention wasn’t the top priority for every company. A few years ago, a marketing VP gave me an excellent explanation when asked why [...]

The actions your company takes to resolve issues are much more important than the words you say. Ideally, solving a customer’s problem is a three-step activity. First, you tell them what you’re going to do. Second, you do it. Third, you follow up to ensure they are satisfied. It’s really that simple if processes and [...]

Social media participation is a necessary part of an integrated marketing mix. Customers and prospects look for reviews and online activity before making purchase decisions. Joining the right networks can expand marketing reach and introduce your brand to new people. Social network site loyalty often follows when an active social hub generates leads and revenue. [...]

Corporate missteps provide fodder for reporters and bloggers. There is something in human nature that makes it impossible to look away from a self-inflicted company train wreck. Some leaders, like Kenneth Cole, purposely create controversy to increase brand exposure and sales. It’s a viable marketing strategy that works for his company and customers. The most [...]

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