Targeted Marketing

  • Customer Lifecycle - Using customer behavior to drive sales
  • Retention - Creating cross channel experiences for lasting relationships
  • Acquisition - Designing campaigns to increase conversion rates
  • Loyalty - Identifying key areas that make people want to stay
  • Email - Optimizing the one-to-one experience for more sales
  • Ecommerce - Using analytics and automation to improve revenue and reduce costs
  • Mobile - Connecting with people where ever they are
  • Direct Mail - Integrating all channels for a consistent shopping experience
  • Analytics - Defining the metrics that matter most to your business success

Social Media

  • Strategy - Guiding companies to the best strategies for long-term success
  • Conversion - Turning conversation into revenue and loyalty
  • Analytics - Using metrics to guide business decisions maximizes return while reducing risk
  • Engagement - Defining best practices for encouraging the social media participation that moves people into the sales process
  • Integration - Making social activity work with all channels to provide a consistent customer experience
  • Platforms - Guiding brands to the best social media platforms for targeting the people most likely to buy
  • Critique - We review social media strategies and provide recommendations to improve activity and responsiveness


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