Why Hire Wilson & Ellis Consulting?

The Secret to Successful Corporate Growth

Most people think that the secret to successful corporate growth is acquiring more customers. The real trick is acquiring loyal customers that return time after time and bring their friends with them. Your company will get more customers and keep them coming back with an integrated marketing and service strategy.

In theory, integration is a simple as connecting the dots. In reality, there are no dots. There are channels, platforms, processes, systems, databases, personnel, customers, prospects and shareholders. Making everything work together to create a consistent marketing message and deliver quality customer experiences is anything but simple.

This is where we come in. We build businesses that have the infrastructure needed to support sustainable growth and efficiently deliver quality customer experiences.

If that sounds a bit vague, it’s because the specific tasks are dependent on your company’s needs. We start by working with our clients to eliminate pain points that keep their companies from reaching its fullest potential. After eliminating revenue and profit blockers, we help our clients optimize their marketing, systems, and processes to create an effective marketing and service model.

Projects include everything from simple marketing audits to fully developed integration strategies that cross channels and departments. Silo management doesn’t work in the digital age. People want access to your products and services at their convenience. Let us help you find the most effective and efficient ways to communicate with and serve your customers.

Our founder, Debra Ellis, brings her consulting and executive experience to every project. Her background in engineering, marketing, and leadership provides a unique perspective. In other words, she knows the challenges you face every day from first-hand experience. She’s been successfully growing companies for over twenty-five years.

Our clients vary in size from small businesses to large corporations. They include Jacuzzi, Hobby Builders Supply, The Body Shop, Great American Business Products, Costco, National Allergy Supply, Ross-Simons Jewelry, Edmund Scientific, SureSource, The Ford Program-Global Education Initiative, and Trophy Nut to name a few. We work with leadership teams and individuals to find the best strategies for reaching customers and turning them into lifelong buyers.

Are you ready to fast track your business to more revenue and profits? If so, contact us to see how we can help you expedite the process. The initial consultation is free. The results are bankable.

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