Targeted Marketing

  • Customer Lifecycle - Using customer behavior to drive sales
  • Retention - Creating cross channel experiences for lasting relationships
  • Acquisition - Designing campaigns to increase conversion rates
  • Loyalty - Identifying key areas that make people want to stay
  • Email - Optimizing the one-to-one experience for more sales
  • Ecommerce - Using analytics and automation to improve revenue and reduce costs
  • Mobile - Connecting with people where ever they are
  • Direct Mail - Integrating all channels for a consistent shopping experience
  • Analytics - Defining the metrics that matter most to your business success


Social Media

  • Strategy - Guiding companies to the best strategies for long-term success
  • Conversion - Turning conversation into revenue and loyalty
  • Analytics - Using metrics to guide business decisions maximizes return while reducing risk
  • Engagement - Defining best practices for encouraging the social media participation that moves people into the sales process
  • Integration - Making social activity work with all channels to provide a consistent customer experience
  • Platforms - Guiding brands to the best social media platforms for targeting the people most likely to buy
  • Critique - We review social media strategies and provide recommendations to improve activity and responsiveness


Our Clients

Creating Sustainable Growth

The challenges presented to business leaders in our multichannel world are complicated. We simplify the process of merging marketing and service to deliver sustainable growth for B2B and B2C companies. The key to successfully integrating marketing and service is a deep understanding of both disciplines that allows optimization of every customer and contact point.

We identify problem spots through audits and analytics before providing solutions that improve sales and customer relationships while increasing profitability. Our clients range from small family owned businesses to billion dollar corporations. We can help you grow your business too.

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