Social Media and Me: The Love/Hate Relationship

Don’t let the logo fool you. I am not a social butterfly. When I ventured into the social media pool, it was with the comfort of a rabbit surrounded by hungry wolves. After a few months, I am pleased to announce that I have survived…so far.

There have been a couple of narrow escapes along the way. I thought it was polite to send “thank you for following me” direct messages (DM’s) in twitter. The growling, drooling wolves escalated into howling, snapping carnivores. I hid out for a few days before tiptoeing back into the circle. Things had cooled down. I didn’t send any more DM’s.

Then there was the time I was almost sucked into the social media black hole. I found myself messaging a new acquaintance in Singapore into the wee hours of the morning. It was then that I discovered that social media is a drug and I have addictive tendencies.

After the near consumption experiences, I learned how social media and I fit together. It is a love/hate relationship from my side. I am still not a social butterfly, but I am adapting well.

I love how social media equalizes the playing field. Everyone has a voice. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear their minds working. The best ideas come from surprising sources.

I hate the tendency some users have towards sharing too much information. Tell me what you think about anything. I might learn something new. Don’t tell me that you are breathing. (Could we get the twitter “What are you doing?” heading changed to “What are you thinking?” “Reading?” “Playing?”)

I love the diversity. Every day people with different experiences, views, and ideas expand my horizons. It makes my creative juices flow.

I hate the spammers. When every message is “buy from me NOW!” or “Aren’t I great?” I don’t want to hear your voice. It annoys me. (Even if you disguise the message, I can read between the lines. It is still annoying.)

I love the people who give me a reason to buy their products. When they do it well, one tweet or post at a time until I can’t resist, I smile. I can’t help it. They have done their job well.

Social media is still in its infancy. It will grow and evolve. I am glad that I am along for the ride, hungry wolves and all.

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