5 Distractions that Keep Companies from Solving Real Problems

Replacing distractions with growth strategies

Change is mandatory for corporate growth. Everything in the business has to evolve for a company to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace. Management, team members, systems, policies, and processes have to adapt to new realities. Today’s issues cannot be resolved by yesterday’s solutions.

Problems facing companies today are multidimensional and challenging. Seeking solutions begins with problem identification. If you cannot clearly identify problems, it is impossible to create successful growth and profitability strategies. Digging deep to find cause and effect is hard work. It is much easier to yield to the distractions that keep your company from identifying and solving the real problems.

Customer satisfaction is always the key component for success and needs to be top priority. Our multichannel marketplace is filled with opportunities to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis. Ideally, that connection is used to improve or solidify established relationships instead of whitewashing internal issues. Resolving customer care issues is necessary before a thriving community can be created.

The following five distractions seemingly identify real problems. Each of them has their own merit. None of them will create an environment that overcomes customer care issues.

  1. Traffic – Watching real-time site traffic is mesmerizing. Users come in, bounce around a bit, and leave. A small percentage submits an inquiry or makes a purchase. In theory, increasing traffic extrapolates into more leads or sales. This theory suggests that the problem is lack of traffic. In reality, improving user experience or the quality of traffic is more likely to increase sales.
  2. Engagement – The cry for more engagement across social media platforms is deafening. Companies with active communities are lauded for their social media prowess. Frankly, I find that very amusing because getting engagement is easy. All you have to do is post something cute or controversial. Both are unlikely to improve customer experiences, sales, or profitability but engagement will grow. The increased activity requires more resources to manage increasing costs without additional revenue.
  3. Big Data – The idea that we can pinpoint exactly what someone wants to buy and when they want to buy using data analysis is alluring. Imagine how much money your company could save if marketing was only directed at people ready to buy. The problem with big data is that people are investing heavily in the small details while ignoring the bigger picture. Targeted messages are ineffective on unhappy customers. The resources are better invested in delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  4. Follower/Fan Acquisition – Measuring success by follower or fan acquisition is a waste of time. To say that it is the quality not the quantity seems passé but it needs to be said because this is the metric that keeps rising to the forefront. I suggest that you take this distraction one step further and include customer acquisition. If your marketing efforts are only yielding followers, fans, and hit and run customers, your company is in trouble.
  5. Reach – What does “reach” really mean? The definition varies depending on the medium. Basically, “reach” is the potential views of a marketing message. You can massage and manipulate the number as much as you want but it cannot be accurately extrapolated into leads or sales. It is an interesting number in “ours is bigger than the competitors” comparisons with little effect the future of your business.

For specific information on how you can solve the problems that hold your company back, email Debra at dellis@wilsonellisconsulting.com.

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  • CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego

    If you have positive on all five and no sales or increase in your bottom line…… so true they are distractions and not the tools you need to increase business. Or in some or many cases you are not using 1-5 in the right way!

    I am still surprised how many companies are not waking up to this yet, I guess that is why you wrote this post 🙂

  • Debra Ellis

    Hi Caroline,

    I’m amazed at the number of people who ask me how to improve the five areas listed when the real problem is service, costs, relationships, or some other business fundamental. After all of this time, one would think that the fundamentals would be in place before extending efforts on the other stuff.

    Thank you for your comment.

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