Got Social Media, Direct Marketing or Multichannel Management Questions? Get Answers.

help buttonIf you are like me, finding answers can be challenging. Over the years, many people have helped me resolve an assortment of issues simply because they could. There wasn’t a hidden agenda or any transfer of resources, I asked a question and they gave me an answer.
Paying it forward is my salute to the people who helped me. If someone asks a question that can be answered in a five minute call or brief email, I answer it. There’s no charge, sales pitch, or expectation of reciprocation.

Got Questions?

Sometimes I search for questions to answer. When I joined LinkedIn, I thought it would be the perfect place to pass it on. I joined some groups with a plan to answer a few questions each week. There are new discussion questions posted every day. When I check them, they always disappoint me because they are sales pitches not requests for assistance.

Get Answers!

Asking questions are the first step to making your company and life better. Wondering how I could give back for those who helped me along the way led to this offer:

If you have a marketing or operations question related to social media, direct mail, multichannel management or integration of everything, I will either answer it or point you in the right direction to find your answer. There are no strings attached. Please email me at dellis [at] with background information and your question. Please place “Question” in the subject line. Or, you can click on the Help button and it should open your email server. (If you hold your mouth just right and I didn’t make any typos!) Either way, you are just a few clicks away from your answer.

Please be patient. I will answer the questions in the order they are received. Depending on the response, it may take a while. Thank you.

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