Friday Favorites: Transformation Edition

Multichannel Magic Friday Favorites

Time is Running Out for Google Reader

Google Reader goes away on July 1st. If you are still using it, you need choose a new reader this weekend or lose feeds. I preferred iGoogle to their reader because you could add gadgets and customize it. Unfortunately, it is going away in November (sigh…) I’ve already started updating Feedly so I’ll be ready.

“You fool, this isn’t even my final form!”

Continuous improvement is necessary to success in the marketing world and life. This post by Joel Runyon uses a Dragonball Z reference for motivation. It’s fun and inspirational. The cool thing about us is that our final form is undefined. We can chose it as we go.

Happy Birthday to Google+

Google+ is two years old. I love Google+ because it is where I find the best information for my professional life. Maybe it is the people that are in my circles or maybe it is the platform. I don’t know what makes it better than Facebook but it wins my attention.

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