Who Makes You Successful?

Teamwork building a companyThe other day I met a gentleman who introduced himself as a “self-made man”. When I asked about his line of business, he said that he was in retail ecommerce. My first thought was, “Wow, you must be really tired!”

I know about retail ecommerce. And, what I know tells me that there are no “self-made” success stories. There are leaders, and he is definitely an example of a leader. It takes a good one to inspire people to help. But, the success or failure of any company is dependant on the team. In ecommerce, you have:

  • The marketing team that creates and executes successful campaigns that motivate customers to buy.
  • The customer team that purchases on a regular basis and provides feedback on how to improve your company.
  • The IT team that keeps the systems running effectively and efficiently.
  • The order processing team that moves the orders through the system, capturing funds along the way.
  • The customer service team that answers questions and resolves issues.
  • The warehouse team who picks and packs the orders and processes inventory.
  • The inventory management team that makes sure that you have products available to sell.
  • The vendors who create or source unique items and deliver them in a timely manner.
  • The management team that keeps everyone motivated and on track.
  • The accounting team that keeps the money sorted.

Everyone in your organization contributes to your success. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be there. Since they do, they should be treated well.

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