8 Things Your Customers Wish That You Knew

  1. Most don’t want a relationship with you. They want easy shopping, good value (different from cheap prices), and to be treated with respect. Make everything as simple and quick as possible so it is easy to be your customer.
  2. The few who do want a relationship with you, don’t want to be managed. They want a real connection with a real person. If you are afraid to empower your team to be personable and approachable, stay away from social media.
  3. Every time you change your website to make it fresh, they have to relearn how to use it. If you keep making changes because you’re bored with the look, they’ll stop visiting
  4. You can reach out to them more often if the information is timely and targeted. Bombarding them with the same old marketing may generate short-term revenue gains, but it doesn’t build loyalty.
  5. They don’t expect perfection in every transaction. They do expect quick resolution to all issues. This means only one contact is needed to get a satisfactory solution.
  6. Most prefer self-service to direct contact (57% according to a survey by Customer Contact Council). Make sure that you have tools available for them to use.
  7. They don’t care how your systems work. They do care about how it affects them. If your system issues keep you from providing the right service, design manual work-arounds to fix it.
  8. The only difference between you and your competition is the service that goes along with the sale. If your focus is on price, someone will come along with a lower one.

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