5 Questions Not to Ask Before Sharing Content

It’s easy to get caught in the social media hype net that promises extensive exposure for your company at minimal cost. The idea that the content you create can change the course of your business is alluring. The concept that it can be done in single post is irresistible. Everyone wants to create content that goes wildly viral. Unfortunately, unless you are in the business of cute cats or children, the odds are against you.

Social media success is a process, not an event. The companies that connect with their customers have a strategy that integrates online activity with service and solutions. Last week’s post covered five questions to ask before sharing content. Those questions are a litmus test to insure that your company’s posts keep moving your business forward. Today, we are looking at the questions not to ask because they waste time and won’t advance your cause.

  1. Will it go viral? Going viral isn’t predictable or controllable. It is also grossly overrated. The posts most likely to go viral are rarely the ones that promote your business well. Focus on creating content that helps the people that read it. When the information is helpful, people share with others who need it. This will bring high quality traffic to your site and pages.
  2. What will our competitors’ think? Every time I hear this in a meeting, I ask, “Why do you care?” Your competitors shouldn’t define your marketing strategy by what they do, say, or think. Wondering about your competitors is a waste of time.
  3. Will influencers like it? This is another area that is grossly overrated. Influencers can generate traffic but the quality is questionable. The people that you want to influence are the ones most likely to use your products or services. They introduce your business to friends and family likely to have similar needs.
  4. How many followers/fans/likes will it acquire? Followers, fans, and likes are benefits not objectives. Create great content that resonates with people and your community will grow. It is better to have a small community that participates than a large, dormant one.
  5. Isn’t this the best post ever? There is nothing more paralyzing to creativity than trying to improve on “the best post ever.” The best posts are the ones that consistently attract high quality traffic year after year. They are timeless, fill a need, and hard to identify in advance.

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