Multichannel Service, Social Media, and A Shopping Experience to Write About

Rarely does an experience with a company amaze me. So when one does, I have to take a seat and catch my breath. This is one of those times and I have to share it with everyone.

Dillard’s Inc. has thoroughly impressed me with their customer commitment and social media savvy. On July 31, I used a shopping experience as an example of how logistics are challenging for multichannel companies. The same day, I received a response from a representative of Dillard’s. It began with a comment on my blog and continued offline.

It turns out that they have a system in place for handling customer requests such as mine. With the system in place, it appeared to be a training issue. My corporate contact wanted to know which stores were involved so they could address the problem.

After I provided the requested information, I wrote a follow up post, and presumed that it was done. I was wrong.

Yesterday, I received a call from the district office for the stores involved. It began with an apology and continued with a detailed explanation of how their locater system works. They are definitely on the right track to becoming a top-notch multichannel company.

There was even an offer of a gift card because they wanted a satisfied customer. I declined the offer because I wasn’t dissatisfied with my experience. I just thought it could be better. I have been a loyal Dillard’s shopper and will continue as such.

So why was I amazed?

First of all, there was a response from the corporate level within 24 hours of my posting a comment about my experience. There is so much talk about social media these days, it is refreshing to see a company incorporating it in their customer satisfaction program. (If you are not monitoring comments about your company, you need to start. You may be surprised by what is floating around on the web.)

Secondly, the communication between the corporate representative and me wasn’t the end of the process. It was the beginning. She immediately started a search to find the weak spots so they could improve their service. This indicates a commitment to their customers that begins at the top.

Thank you, Dillard’s. My experience began as an example of why logistics need to be improved and ended with a testimonial for great social media response and follow through.

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