Are your multichannel growth strategies missing the mark? (Part Two)

Your growth strategy has to be aligned with your target customers’ priorities or it is destined to fail. You can conduct surveys, use focus groups, and monitor customer calls to find specific desires to fulfill. They may be right, or they may be just what that group was thinking about at the time.

You can also scour your database for minute details so your can tweak your offerings to improve their returns. But, if it isn’t easy for people to shop, buy, and return, you are missing the most important strategy.

If you want to jump start your holiday season, borrow an easy button from Staples, and put your catalog, website, and store to the test. Forget about all the industry rules and best practices and look at the shopping experience from a customer’s point of view.

Is it easy to find your return policy? Are your products descriptions detailed and easy to read? Do your frequently asked questions have enough information? Are they regularly updated? Is there an 800 number for customer service on every web page? Do you have kiosks in your store? Does your product search work well?

Your planned growth strategy changes when you start looking at your business from your customer’s perspective. You may keep the analytics, but you will add the easy factor because you understand the frustration when shopping is challenging.

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