Could There Be An Iceberg Hidden in Your Data?

Catastrophic business failure rarely happens without warning. When it does, it is usually caused by an outside factor. Internal issues always have warning signs, months, sometimes years, in advance.

Unfortunately, those warning signs don’t have flashing lights or bells and whistles calling attention to them. They stay hidden in your data, gaining power, until one day someone notices that the phone isn’t ringing as often. And, Internet sales are down. And, the stores are quite as busy as before.

But wait, we are in an economic slowdown, so that is to be expected. We just need to batten down the hatches until the storm blows over. Right?

Yes, if you want your competition to pass you. Or, you don’t mind less business. If you want your business to grow and prosper, now is the time to find out why your sales and/or profits are declining. If they are holding steady or growing, now is the time to insure that that path continues.

Consumers are adapting to our new global, electronic economy. Their buying patterns are changing. If you don’t identify how it affects your business, you may be heading full steam into an iceberg. Your database is full of clues. Start diving before it’s too late.

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