Have You Bought Your Super Bowl Advertising Space Yet?

If not, you had better hurry. According to an article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, NBC Universal has sold about 85% of the available advertising time. Twelve companies have paid $3,000,000 for a 30-second spot!

The math boggles my mind. This is $100,000 per second. And, given the history of Super Bowl ads, all most can expect to receive in return is bragging rights.

Some folks might argue that you can’t put a price on branding. I am the first to agree that some returns are intangible, but in today’s economy, shouldn’t they be seeking sales instead of kudos? Our marketing world is changing with the introduction of social media. Do you think the money might be better spent investing in new solutions for their customers? I do.

Even so, I will be glued to the TV in late January, watching the game and the commercials. If only one would motivate me to buy…

Have a great week!


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