Will Your Company Win the Email War This Holiday Season?

Email holiday season is hereIs your company ready for the email war this holiday season? The competition in the inbox for consumers’ attention is increasing every day. According to a recent study by Experian, the second quarter of this year saw email volume increases of 22.8% for multichannel retailers, 24.4% for consumer products and services, and a whopping 31.7% for catalogers. The combination of overflowing emails with the Gmail effect will significantly reduce the effectiveness of email marketing this holiday season for some companies.

There are things that you can do to minimize the negative effect. If you do them now, you will increases sales and improve relationships this holiday season. Time is running out so take the quiz below to see how well your company is positioned to win the email war this holiday season. There are only 10 questions. You can take it in 5 minutes or less and you don’t have to share contact information. (There’s a special surprise at the end!)

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Note: The quiz is powered by Interact, a new service in development. A special shout out to Co-founder Josh Haynam for the opportunity to test the service.

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  • Pete @ MMS

    Ya its going to be a blast away this season. All my emails are ready to fire off.

  • Debra Ellis

    I wish you the best. Hopefully all of your emails will do well.

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