Mobile Marketing: On a Highway Near You

The future is closer than you think. Yesterday, I spotted a white van with a QR Code on the Interstate highway. QR Codes store addresses or URL’s for mobile devices to scan. My initial reaction was “This is so cool” and I handed my phone to my daughter to take a picture.

Mobile QR Code on vehicle

The post I wanted to write goes something like this – Company XYZ is ready for the mobile marketing world. They have done an excellent job of integrating new technology into their marketing strategy. Their integration is literally “mobile” because they’ve added QR Codes to their fleet.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t write that post because I don’t know the name of the company. They placed the QR Code in three places, the rear door of the vehicle and on both side rear quarter panels. The name of the company is only on the rear doors. The carrier blocks the view so you can’t read it.

Mobile Marketing on the highway

The marketer who decided to add the QR Codes gets an “A” for thinking ahead and an “F” for forgetting that QR Codes look like a funky design to most people.

If you are adding mobile marketing to your mix, here are a few tips to improve your response:

  • Remember that people need to be educated. If there is room, tell them about QR Codes and how to use them. If not, “Take my picture and log into shortened to have a cool experience” or something similar will work.
  • Always include the name of your business. Bonus points for adding a tagline. Unless your company is a name brand, people won’t know what you do. People trust you more when they remember that they have seen you before. Give them a reason to remember.
  • While you’re at it, throw in an easy to remember 800 number and a reason to call it. Your goal is to connect with people. If you don’t motivate them to act, nothing will happen.

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