5 (Almost) Free Ways to Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

Selling more this holiday seasonIt’s been said that the best things in life are free. This truth is apparent when it comes to friends, family, and the other things in our life that make it special. The small touches that make a big difference in personal relationships will improve your connection with your customers and increase sales. This holiday season is a good time to test them. Take a little time to think about what your company can do to make it easier for your customers to have an exceptional shopping experience. Then start testing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Smile. Make sure that it is genuine, not the grimace seen in sales clerks who don’t want to be on their feet another minute. Smiles are contagious. They will spread through your company, to your customers and back. And, they manifest themselves in more sales.
  • Send emails with personalized shopping recommendations. Dig into that database to see what your customers bought this time last year. Identify items that will be a good match this holiday. You already have the database and the email client. Use them to generate more sales.
  • Say “Thank you.” And really mean it. If you are dealing with your customers in person, look directly into their eyes and say, “Thank you for being here. I really appreciate it. If there is anything I can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.” If they ask for something, do your best to take care of their needs, cheerfully and gratefully.

    Say “Thank you” part two. If your customers are distant, include thank you notes in outgoing packages. When possible, use handwritten notes. Your call center team can write the notes while waiting for incoming calls.

  • Step up your service game. Answer emails within two hours of receipt; resolve issues during the first contact; if you promise to call someone back, do it as quickly as possible.
  • Invite your customers to come again. The completion of the transaction shouldn’t be the end of the relationship. Let them know that you want them to come again for sales or service.

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  • Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

    Great ideas! They’re also wonderful for customers too – you can get superior customer service if you take the time to notice their nametags, call them by their names, and thank them for helping you.

    This is a tip I learned 8 years ago…and it just plain rocks.
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..Preparing Big Huge Holiday Profits – Day 1 of Day 25 =-.

  • Debra Ellis

    Excellent point, Barbara. Thank you for sharing.

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