Friday Favorites: Do Not Track, Twitter Promotion (or not), & Nordstorm's Twitter Activity

Best Assessment of the Federal Trade Commission Do Not Track Issue

Ernie Schell (@ernieschell) details the challenges and opportunities found in this controversial issue. He is uniquely qualified for this assessment because of his direct marketing and systems experience. If you have a website, are thinking of getting one, or use the Internet, this is a must read.

“To Promote or Not to Promote” on Twitter

Margie Clayman (@margieclayman) shares her experiences with promoting her blog, but the lessons she learns are valuable for every marketer. Reading her post may encourage you to do some additional testing yourself.

What Really Happens When Companies Tweet

All right, it should be “what really happens when Nordstorm tweets”, but Kevin Hillstrom (@minethatdata) provides an intriguing breakdown of four weeks of tweets. After reading it, you may just want to run your own numbers.

What are your favorite things this week?

Anything goes as long as it’s G-rated! Oh, okay, we can go a little PG, but my children read my blog, so play nice!

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  • Marjorie Clayman @margieclayman

    Thanks so much for this mention, Debra. It’s truly an honor!

    Ok, so this isn’t exactly the morning, but I did get here 🙂

    Thanks again, very much!

  • Debra Ellis

    You’re very welcome. I love how you are open to new ideas, testing, and finding the best way for your business.

  • Kevin HIllstrom

    That was nice of you, thanks!

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