Email Marketing Best Practices for Retailers

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Holiday season is the make or break time for retailers. This year is filled with consumer fears and increased competition. Will your business thrive during the challenging time or struggle to stay alive?

What you do now will determine the success of your company for this year and many more to come. Establishing good relationships with your customers delivers positive results beyond the current season. Relationships are built one connection at a time. Email provides a one-to-one experience that no other marketing tool can duplicate.

Email is also the most effective and economical marketing tool available today. It allows small companies to stay in touch with customers and prospects without investing heavily in technology or labor. Once the email marketing strategy is created and tested, minimal maintenance is required to keep your company in front of people when they are ready to buy.

The ability to provide the lowest price appears to give big box stores and retail chains a competitive advantage but appearances can be deceiving. Studies have shown that convenience and service create more loyalty than pricing. This is good news for independent retailers who focus more on building relationships than becoming the low price leader.

Email provides an economical and effective way to build relationships beyond the in-store experience. There are four areas where email excels: Customer acquisition, retention, sales, and service. Most large retailers primarily use email for acquisition and sales. Once people shift from prospect to customer, they move into the templated sales cycle of one promotion after another with the occasional order confirmation thrown in.

There is a better way.

An email marketing strategy that keeps people informed about trends, provides helpful tips, and speaks personally to them, shifts email from a promotional tool to a loyalty builder. Creating and implementing the strategy is simple. All it requires is plan that uses best practices to generate and deliver the content people want to receive.

Our guide, 31 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing, is filled with proven tactics that make email the best way to attract customers and keep them coming back again and again. We are so confident that it will help you grow your business, we are offering a free download that includes three of the thirty-one tips. Take a test drive by downloading the mini-guide and using the information to improve your business. After you see that it has information that works, come back for the full guide.

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