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Email is the most effective and economical marketing tool available today. It allows small companies without marketing departments to stay in touch with customers and prospects without investing heavily. Once the email marketing strategy is created, minimal maintenance is required to keep your company in front of people when they are ready to buy.

Marketing a service business is different from typical product companies. Most people don’t need real estate agents, purchase insurance, or hire lawyers and accountants on a regular basis. Using direct mail and advertising to target people when they need your services is challenging and expensive. Email offers an economical alternative that lets you speak directly to individuals on a one to one basis. A well planned email strategy creates an environment where people in your program think about your company first when they are ready to buy or their friends need a recommendation.

Many of the same tactics used by retailers to generate revenue work for service professionals too. Our guide, 31 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing, is filled with proven tactics that make email the best way to attract leads and keep customers coming back. We are so confident that it will help you get more leads and keep clients coming back, we are offering a free download of a mini-guide for service professionals.

The mini-guide includes three of the thirty-one ways to get better results from your email marketing. Take a test drive by downloading the mini-guide and using the information to improve your business. After you see that it has information that works, come back for the full guide.

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