What is a #wecEtip and how does it help with marketing strategy, social media, and customer relationship care?

It is a hashtag used on Twitter to make it easy to find the marketing strategy and customer relationship care tips shared by me for Wilson & Ellis Consulting clients and friends. It began as a daily series of micro-tips to help people grow their business.

The tips cover social media, marketing strategy, customer relationship care, ecommerce, email campaigns, inventory management, integrated marketing, and more. They are designed to be practical and usable. Years of experience, research, and testing contribute to the information in each tip.

After two years, they started generating more questions than answers because you can only say so much within the 140 character Twitter restraint. This led to the decision to stop the daily tweets and expand into longer posts.

Our marketing strategy is always evolving as good strategies do. This is the next stage of what has been a fun ride so far.

May all your efforts be blessed.


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