People choose your business for a reason. It may be convenience, service, quality, the “in” thing to do, or a combination. Knowing why your customers choose your company and how they want to be served is critical to creating a sustainable growth strategy. Without this knowledge, your marketing can do little more than fire shots [...]

Many purveyors of social media have declared that traditional marketing is dead. In their minds, direct mail was the first casualty in the battle between viral and old school sales tools. Their rally cry "Stop marketing and start engaging" is gaining traction as companies seek new ways to generate revenue without increasing costs.

When was the last time your company did something simple, unique, and memorable? How about your last marketing campaign? Or, was it just more of the same?

Will your customers be eager to order from you when the holiday season kicks off in October? Or, will they have forgotten your great products and wonderful service? Times are tough now, but the upturn is just around the corner.

Thank you for providing today's lessons on multichannel marketing, branding, and damage control. So far, you are not doing very well. I hope you get it right in the end because you have a great brand. It isn't fun watching you shoot yourself in the foot.

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