Christmas Cards in May: Is Your Marketing Making a Lasting Impression on Your Customers?

Christmas StarI received a Christmas card and letter yesterday. Since Christmas was almost five months ago, it was very late or extremely early. It was from my sister, and it was late.

The enclosed letter explained everything. (Not really. It explained why there was a Christmas card in my mailbox in May. If you know my sister, you know that there is a lot more that needs explaining.) Okay, back to the letter…

Last year they moved into a new home. Everything was hectic with the move, two young children, busy work schedule, and life in general so the cards were printed but not mailed. When she realized that a lot of people didn’t have their new address and that postage was going up, she decided to mail the cards.

The cause isn’t as important as the effect.

When I received the card after a challenging day, I purged my stress by laughing out loud. Others had similar responses. It turns out that Christmas in May is fun.

Sending the cards was a simple, unique, and memorable way to reconnect with friends. It made a lasting impression. When was the last time your company did something simple, unique, and memorable? How about your last marketing campaign? Or, was it just more of the same?

Think of ways to reach out to your customers and prospects that is personal, sincere, and different. Look for opportunities at every touch point. Your recipients will remember.

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  • Denise Rowell

    It would be refreshing if the marketing things in my mailbox were memorable – might keep me from putting them straight in the trash!!! 🙂

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