What's for Lunch? Nibbling Around the Social Media Buffet

Social Media Buffet

How do you choose which social media tools to use? And, then how do you create a strategy that works for your brand?

Social media is a buffet filled with an assortment of ways to connect with your customers and prospects. Here is a simple approach to try:

Microblogging sites like twitter and friendfeed are a taste test. Use them to entice and engage. Keep your messages simple and friendly.

Blogs are a snack. Create posts that provide usable information for your readers whether they make a purchase or not. Make your messages easy and quick to read.

Your social media objective is to serve and engage your customers. If your messages don’t match this objective, don’t post them.

When social media is managed well, there is a natural process. People take the taste test, move on to the snack, and finish at the entrée (your website.) Sometimes you only get one opportunity, so make it a good one! It will keep them coming back for more…

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