The Best Marketing Tools are the Ones that Work for Your Company and Customers

Finding the right marketing tools is hard.If you are searching for a marketing tool that integrates channels, databases, and processes, you need to stop. It doesn’t exist.

The magical solution that puts everything you need at your fingertips is a myth. The salesperson describing his or her turnkey solution that allows you to integrate all of your marketing is selling you smoke and mirrors. A tool that eliminates the need for all others doesn’t exist.

Marketing requires different tools for different activities.

Finding the best ones for your business is a process. You have to test them to see what works. Investing any time in a one-stop shop is a waste of time. The better option is to optimize the tools that work. Here are some steps to help you along the way:

  • Learn how to use all of the functionality in the tools you are currently using.
  • Identify the tools that work best for each marketing activity.
  • If they need integration with other processes, find the hooks that allow it.
  • Use the hooks to connect multiple tools.
  • Identify necessary functions that aren’t currently available.
  • Look for tools to provide the missing functionality.
  • Test new tools until you find what you need.
  • If the new tools have redundant functionality, compare the old with the new.
  • Choose the one that fits your business best.
  • Repeat as needed…

Four traps to avoid:

  1. Choosing a tool without testing because it works for another company.
  2. Creating so much ownership that no one wants to give up a tool.
  3. Long-term financial commitments to resolve short-term problems.
  4. Expecting a tool to provide a fully automated experience.

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