Why You Need to Update Your Customized Twitter Background Today

Twitter’s new design changes the dimensions required for backgrounds with content. Your customized background, designed to optimize the available space won’t work with the new look. For example, BestBuy’s background is simple and fits the brand well. It includes a list of URL’s so people can find all of their sites. It looks like this with the old version of Twitter:

BestBuy Old Version of Twitter

Changing to the new version reduces the visibility of the URL’s as seen below.

BestBuy New Version of Twitter

If you aren’t using the new Twitter, take a test drive now to see how your background looks. Don’t worry, you can return to the old version by clicking the down arrow next to your user ID on the top right of the page. It allows you to exit the preview.

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  • tlmaurer

    Thanks for the heads-up, Debra. I’ve been avoiding the whole ‘new Twitter’ thing lately, but suppose sooner or later will have to acknowlege it’s existance.

  • Debra Ellis

    You’re welcome, Terri. I was avoiding it too. I use third party apps so it didn’t seem to be important. When it occurred to me that my background might need to be changed, I tried the new Twitter, saw that my background needed updating, updated it, and went back to the old version.

    Thank you for commenting.

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