Harnessing the Power of Enthusiasm to Grow Your Company

The Power of EnthusiasmEnthusiasm is powerful.

Its presence can move companies to levels beyond imagination. Its absence can derail the most successful organizations.

Some days it’s hard to be enthusiastic. When sales are down, forecasters are anticipating future declines, and everything seems to be against you, putting on a happy face is challenging. Even so, you have to forge ahead because if you don’t, you’ll start (or continue) down a slippery slope to hopelessness. It begins with indifference and ends with bankruptcy.

The best way to offset gloom and doom reporting is to count your blessings.

It may sound trite, but it is guaranteed to work. It is impossible to feel self-pity (or corporate pity) and gratitude at the same time.

Please don’t take this as a Pollyanna “Life is always wonderful” recommendation. Life isn’t always wonderful. Businesses aren’t always successful. And, customers aren’t always right. But, there is always something good in the midst of the bad.

There are lessons to be learned, opportunities to find, and hope if you look for it. I believe that you always find what you are looking for in everything you do. If you focus on your business failing, then it will fail. If you look realistically at your position and search for opportunities, you will find them.

The first step is to adapt an enthusiastic attitude.

Your customers and employees will notice. If you have been the King or Queen of Doom & Gloom, don’t expect them to immediately accept it. They will be suspicious in the beginning. Don’t let that deter you. Start each day with an attitude of gratitude and keep it going. Since most people naturally reflect the attitudes around them, your team will start reflecting yours. When that happens, the doors of opportunity will open.

Next, realistically evaluate your company’s position in the marketplace and financially. Where are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you capitalize on the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses? Watch carefully for opportunities because they will start appearing out of nowhere.

Finally, evaluate your opportunities, develop a strategy for the best ones, and implement it. When you’re focused on growth and profitability, it will come.

Now: Get started. Smile and pass it on.

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