Why tweet if twitter activity is declining? (Besides the fun factor…)

twitterlogoTwitter’s phenomenal growth has leveled off triggering speculation that the social media platform’s popularity is declining. Should you stop tweeting and start looking for the next big thing? Or, if you haven’t started should you continue to wait and see?

The answer depends on you, your company culture, and your customers. Finding the right social media platform is like finding those special shoes. You know the ones I’m talking about. They look good, but more importantly, they feel good. You can wear them all day.

The right social media platforms allow you to communicate with your customers and prospects.

They enhance your direct marketing efforts. And, they improve relationships.

It doesn’t really matter if twitter is continuing its rapid growth. What matters is whether your customers and prospects are tweeting and following. If your customers are there, then your presence and participation is mandatory.

If your customers leave, then you should leave, too.

Social media is all about following your customers. You want to be where they are actively involved. Of course, you could set up your own platform and keep your customers there. But, if that is too time consuming and costly, use the tools that exist.

Takeaway: Find your customers, get involved, and leave when the party’s over.

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