Contrary to popular belief, successfully growing a business requires more than social media updates and delegation. Magical thinking is replacing proven growth strategies as the path to success. Every established company began with an idea and people willing to do whatever it took to turn that idea into reality. No task was too small or [...]

The information that free flows to my computer and smartphone is filled with so many nuggets that it is often hard to choose favorites. A long time ago, the Friday Favorites series was one of guessed it...FAVORITE...topics. I kept a running list of content that I liked and wanted to share. Somewhere along the [...]

Mobile marketing provides an opportunity to connect with customers when they are most likely to buy. It can be used to upsell, cross sell, introduce new items, and motivate people to spend more. And, the market is huge. An estimated

Some marketers forfeit because they don't show up. Even worse is claiming that a marketing strategy doesn't work when it fails because no one showed up. Examples pop up every day with different marketing strategies. Promotional emails aren't sent on a regular basis. Catalog requests take weeks to fulfill. Social media networks aren't updated. And, mobile marketing doesn't move beyond capturing contact information.

My favorite items for this week include a call to action, social media platform comparison, integrated marketing example, and customer care callout.

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