What’s the Purpose of Marketing?

The most common answer is “to generate sales.” If that was your answer, congratulations! You agree with the majority of people. Unfortunately, they are wrong. The purpose of marketing is to help people solve their problems.

Before you say “what an idiot!” and unsubscribe from this blog, I respectfully request that you read this post with an open mind. And, if you disagree, add your comment. (You can comment if you agree, too! This is an equal opportunity blog.)

If the primary purpose of marketing is to generate sales, how do you engage consumers? After all, they don’t have an interest in your sales volume or profitability. So, why would they respond to anything with the primary intent of increasing sales for your company?

What if you changed everything and made solving their problems the purpose of your marketing? Now there is a reason for them to participate. Once you make this change, consumers become customers and customers become advocates telling everyone about you (and your products or services.)
In order to do this well, you have to be able to identify the problems that affect your customers and prospects. This requires roll-up-your-sleeves hard work. It starts with listening to your customers. It continues with acting on the information. Next, you tweak it to make it better. And then, you do it all over again.

Try this with your next marketing campaign: Instead of throwing another sale or free shipping offer out to your customers, help them solve a problem. If you sell fashion, identify the next trend. If you sell electronics, explain how the latest technology is beneficial. Whatever your product or service, find a way to help or educate. As long as the focus is on the customer, your orders will come.

Have a great day!

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