How do you win customers back after you’ve violated their trust with a massive security breach? Target seems to think free shipping on everything will do it. Last Christmas, hackers invaded the company’s security and snagged personal information from approximately 70 million customers. When you violate the trust of so many people during your peak [...]

Change is mandatory for corporate growth. Everything in the business has to evolve for a company to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace. Management, team members, systems, policies, and processes have to adapt to new realities. Today’s issues cannot be resolved by yesterday’s solutions. Problems facing companies today are multidimensional and challenging. Seeking solutions [...]

The day after Thanksgiving has been considered the biggest shopping day of the year for decades. It was the day that kicked off Christmas shopping. When retailers realized that they could draw large crowds with deep discounts on loss leaders, they turned an active shopping day into an event dubbed Black Friday. Cyber Monday was [...]

Improving customer retention is the fastest way to more sales and profits. In addition to having a higher lifetime value, loyal customers advocate for your brand. I used to wonder why customer retention wasn’t the top priority for every company. A few years ago, a marketing VP gave me an excellent explanation when asked why [...]

Customer retention is essential to companies offering renewal products. Most people don’t think about their insurance or banking until they have an issue that needs resolving or they receive a renewal notice. This makes it easy for the competition to steal your customers. Your competitors promise lower prices and better services. Both promises are extremely [...]

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